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Units overview - View the units that are taught in each year group throughout the year. Pupils at Woodthorpe will study 3 separate History and 3 separate Geography units in the year.

Vision statement - Read our History vision for pupils at Woodthorpe, including: our intent, implementation, and impact.

Key Learning Objectives (KLOs) - View the long term planning accessed by class teachers, including: learning objectives for each unit, key vocabulary, and common misconceptions.

Concept tracker - A table showing how certain key concepts are taught and revisited as pupils progress through each unit and through each year. This also includes a summary of each concept and how it is developed as part of our curriculum.

Skills progression map - A look at the skills that are developed and revisited as pupils progress through Woodthorpe. What skills are taught when? (Currently being reviewed)

Policy - The policy that shapes our History curriculum.


Units overview 

Vision statement 

Key Learning Objectives (KLOs) 

Concept tracker 

Skills progression