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Swimming and Water Safety

At Woodthorpe, we take our Year 3 and Year 4 children to Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre  for their swimming lessons. We then offer swimming to Year 6 in the summer term to ensure that all our pupils leave primary school being able to swim 25m confidently, know how to get out of trouble if they fall into water, know the dangers of water and understand how to stay safe when playing in and around it. 

Clubs/ Competitions

We offer a wide range of sporting before and after-school clubs to our pupils. Our 'Daily Mile' and 'Wake-up, Shake-up' morning clubs are very popular, which helps meet the government target of all children being physically active for 60 minutes per day.

Spring 1 after-school clubs:

Monday: KS1 Multi-skills

Tuesday: KS2 Football (Girls only football at lunchtime)

Wednesday: KS2 Street Dance

Thursday: KS2Gymnastics/ Acrobatics 

Friday: KS1 Multi-skills

Pupils also have the opportunity to attend many sports festivals throughout the year to engage in competitive and less competitive activities. 

Ramadan Guidance