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During the 2016/17 academic year we established a link with a school of similar size to ours near to the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital city. The school is called Motherwell Junior School. You can view their website here: 
Welcome to MJS 

Motherwell Junior School is situated in a quiet residential suburb of Kampala, just 30 minutes from the City Center. It provides a high-quality, broad education for children, from 1 year of age with different nationalities. 

Established in 2012, our school has built a reputation for excellence in both teaching and pastoral care. With high academic standards and a warm, caring environment, our school is the first choice in pre-primary and primary education for many parents in both the international and local communities.

Our high teacher to pupil ratio, and dedicated, highly-qualified staff ensure that each child receives individual attention and the support to enable them to achieve their educational potential in all areas of the curriculum. High quality specialist teaching is an important feature of our school and is provided in Music, Physical Education (PE), Swimming, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), English and Swahili as an Additional Language and Learning Support. Interactive sessions in each class support a dynamic, multi-sensory approach to learning for all children in the school.

Pen Pal Letters
Children in our Year 3 class have been writing to their Pen Pals at Motherwell throughout the year. As well as writing letters, the schools have also been sending work to each other that has then gone on display around the school. 
Motherwell Junior School wrote back to us in April 2017
We wrote back to Motherwell at the end of the 2016/17 academic year, with our package due to arrive at some point during the month of August.
We have plenty of great ideas to further embed the wonderful partnership we have with Motherwell Junior School, Uganda, Africa during the 2017/18 academic year!