Woodies Clubs

Woodies is a popular before and after school club run on the school premises by Mr Mike Basford and a qualified group of staff.

The club is independent of the school, and is inspected by Ofsted as such. Click here to view the latest report.



Play Care Principles
  • At Woodies we understand that children and young people have a deep, natural need to play. Play is essential for the health of our children.
  • Play is when children decide for themselves how and where they will play, why they are playing, and what happens in their play.
  • Our play work is about enabling children and young people to make decisions about and have full control of their play. This should form the basis of all play work strategy and training.
  • For our play workers, the process of play is the most important factor, and we support and promote play in all areas of our work.
  • The role of our play worker is to support all children and young people in creating space in which they can play.
  • Our play workers use reflective practice and their knowledge about the play process when responding to children’s play.
  • Our play workers are aware that their presence has an effect on the play space; we are also aware of the children’s and young people’s effect on us as play workers.
  • Our play workers understand that it is important not to interrupt the play process unnecessarily (adulteration). Any intervention must balance risk with the benefit and well-being of the children and young people.